Goodbye furbNET!

On the 1st April 2021, furbNET was merged in to aylo and has therefore been rebranded using the existing aylo identity. This change has been done for a number of reasons:

  • De-duplication of services.
  • Simplification of networks and systems.
  • Reduction in operating expenditure.

The change to aylo does not change any existing furbNET agreements and you will continue to be supported throughout and beyond the transition. There may be some action required on your part (such as updating URLs, Bookmarks and Email Addresses) but for now, everything will continue to work. All changes will be carefully managed to ensure that you have the time to adapt.

Q: I have an account, has this changed?

A: Yes, all accounts will be migrated across to over the transition period. Mail, Calendars and Data will all be preserved (as will your old email addresses), but your login name will change. You will be notified of your new username on your migration date.

Q: Will existing federations remain?

A: Yes. All Microsoft 365 and G-Suite Federations will remain and no action needs to be taken, you can continue to login to both aylo and furbNET services using your existing corporate credentials.

Q: I am a furbNET Charities or furbzNFP user, how am I affected? (Updated Aug 2021)

A: Charities have been moved separately to You can find out more about the change at For more support, please contact [email protected].