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ayloNet Email Disclaimer

Our email is provided by ayloNet and as a result you are likely to see an external email disclaimer applied to the bottom of all our outgoing messages as follows:


ayloNet Information Security Notice: This email and any content contained within it is confidential and must not be disclosed, shared or acted upon without consent from the sender. If you have received this message in error please let the sender know on the originating address or contact [email protected]. Please note that we do not consider e-mail to be secure as emails can be intercepted, modified or corrupted during transmission. If you are sending sensitive data please ensure that basic information security standards are followed and any data is encrypted. In the event of the transmission of corrupted data, malware or viruses ayloNet will accept no liability. If you are unsure of this email’s legitimacy please check by emailing [email protected] and we can confirm the authenticity.